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France or Spain vacation

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    I want to drive out on a vacation to either France or Spain, or both.. any suggestions what to see or do? Paris would be a 5 hour drive, Barcelona 14 hours.. minus 2 hours with my friend's speedy TT ;)

    I personally think it is too much to drive to Spain and visit Paris in a single week :rolleyes:
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    If I was where you were at Monique, Paris it would be, and then to all of the vineyards in South France!
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    And check out the Millau bridge that just opened, the tallest in the world.
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    If only we all had such pressing problems... :wink:
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    France, Spain. What's the difference. I mean, you see one town in Asia, you've seen them all.
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    Uh oh, you must have gotten off your leash again, I see you're up to 100 posts now! :biggrin:

    As for France vs Spain, I don't know. Both sound nice, but I'm sure there must be better places in France than Paris. Too bad we'll have whisked Humanino away to Tom_Mattson's birthday/Christmas party, or else you could have visited him while there. Ooh, even better, you could catch Tsu's bus while she's there to get Humanino and join us all! :biggrin:
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    Spain, definitely Spain.

    But i'm biased.
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    I've never been to Barcelona, but if it means anything I can say with confidence that Paris is much more entertaining than Madrid.

    Rome beats em both though.
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    Holiday in Spain, Counting Crows

    nuff said

    PS: I think that when he says "this city" he means the city where he's staying at that moment. Barcelona is not a drag, sincerely
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    If you have a weekend, just go to France (especially if you are driving) and save Spain for another time (one needs at least 1 week to see a minimum of Spain - I can recommend some interesting places).

    In France, you will have to pick East or West, North or South.

    In the East, the Rhone River Valley (http://www.rhonealpes-tourisme.com/). I have found Lyon and the area very nice - a good food. If you go south, then there are Nimes, Avignon, and Aix en Provence (http://www.aixenprovencetourism.com), then back north through Annecy.

    Otherwise Paris is fine, and perhaps go west through the Loire River Valley (http://www.lvo.com/GB/INDEX.HTML) down to Nantes.
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