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France vs South Korea

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    France up 1-0 at the half. Henry finally gets on the goalscorers' table.
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    I'm pretty sure that the second one was in.
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    Yea I think the second one was in too. Can they review it after the game and decide that it was a goal that the ref didn't see or is it completely over if the ref doesn't see it?
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    I'm wondering the same thing, but judging by the way the commentators are talking, I think the decision might be final.

    Surprising results for Korea though.

    Edit: I guess that they can only go back on card decisions and not on goals. Don't take my word though, I'm going by what some guy told me just now.
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    How did South Korea pull off a draw? They were totally outclassed! :biggrin:

    But still, God that was great :biggrin: :biggrin: - Imagine if France get knocked out of the group stages! Come on Togo :biggrin:

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    Why do I always get these damn scores off by one?
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    France deserved 3-0 SK didnt have a sniff bar that one sloppy goal. Also the ball was over the line from the header. If France go out because of that it's a disgrace..
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    The linesman usual has the final say over wether the ball crossed the line, unless the ref was standing in a better position which is fairly unusual. Of course the decision is final and based on that moment, to have a virtual goal on the table with no one knowing either way what happened would upset the match strategy. Do we play defensively because we have a goal or not? I don't think it would be a very good idea, to delay it.

    I believe they have sugested a fourth linesman who watches a TV screen, but so far it has been dismissed, because it would slow down play. I tend to agree, it's not perfect but it never will be as long as human error is involved.
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    Actually, they were toying with the idea of having some sort of chip in side the ball like a RID chip or something. They should have done this. Of course you cant have 'virtual goals' or somthing like this. The decision needs to be made on the spot, and there is nothing wrong with using a 4 official like in Rugby, it doesnt slow the game down so much, and we would have these dreadful mistakes...
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    I haven't seen any replays from the side. It sure looked in from the replays I saw, but you can't really know unless you get a better angle. The linesman should have the best angle on the field.

    In any event, France is horrible. In fact, this entire group is horrible. How do you wind up putting four lousy teams in one group?
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    I thought France were good.. really good to begin with.. They completely dominated, it was one of the most 1 sided games I had seen for a while.. But then as per usual they mess it all up... Hope they go through anyway, they CAN do a lot better than this
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    Unfortunately referees are fallible, and there are quite a number of famous referee failures, and questionable calls.

    For the English, the most important is probaby the "Third Goal" which refers to the third goal scored by England in the 1966 that hit the post, bounced down, and then out of the goal. Whether the ball actually crossed the line completely is a subject of dispute. In Germany, goals that bounce off the bar, and then bounce out are called, "Wembely Goals".

    In 1986, in the Semi-finals Argentina defeated England when the referee allowed a handball goal by Diego Maradonna to stand.
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    England-Argentina. Always something.

    That game had Maradonna's Goal of the Century, as well. And the second best goal of the century, Owen's goal against Argentina, was overshadowed by a separate event in that game, too: Beckham's send-off.
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    What, precisely, constitutes the 'goal of the century' is a matter of opinion:
    The most influential goal in Soccer this century is probably the game deciding goal scored by Helmut Rahn in the 84th minute of the 1954 world cup final, and the "Miracle of Bern" is a seminal event in the development of West Germany as a nation and as a soccer power.
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    and that also would be a matter of opinion
  17. Jun 21, 2006 #16
    In my opinion Pele's goal in the 58 world cup final was the goal of the century. Was a truly fantastic goal scored by footballs greatest ever player.

    Maradona's goal should have been stopped by one of the English players. May sound like cheating but they should have fouled him outside the box and given away a free kick rather than let him run at the defence like that.

    Oh, and i have never heard of the 'miracle of bern'

    But thinking about it, the fourth goal of the 1970 final scored by carlos alberto has got to be the greatest ever goal. It had everything.
  18. Jun 21, 2006 #17
    that important huh :)

    Supposedly this goal reunited (bar the wall) germany post ww2 and helped them recover ecconmic stablity (blah blah blah:rolleyes:) . They got hammered by Hungary earlier on in the tournement, and somehow beat them in the final, it was dubed the 'miracal of bern'

    Pele's goal was good, the goal itself wasnt so good, but the build up was. Maradona's goal was amazing, the fact of the matter was he wasnt stopped, and nobody was near him
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