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Franck Hertz experiment

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    i have a question about the Franck Hertz experiment:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franck%E2%80%93Hertz_experiment" [Broken]

    wikipedia has a picture, where they plot the anode current!

    My problem with this picture is, that I do not understand why the current is getting higher over all. So I mean, I understand that caused by the interaction of the electron with the atom, there should be maxima and minima, but why are the maxima getting higher?

    I would say, that when you make an ideal Franck Hertz experiment and all electrons interact, when they have enough energy, there should be maxima and minima of equal magnitude. But my physics schoolbook tells me, that even when the experiment can be considered as ideal, this is not so, so my question is why?

    sorry for my english, but i am not from where you guys are:wink:
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