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FRAP in water

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    Hello everyone,

    I have the following question: I'm doing FRAP in water with a quite small molecule in order to get the diffusion coefficient. I'm quite new to FRAP but I have a feeling that this doesn't work very well. I couldn't find any papers or publications in general about someone doing FRAP in a solution. FRAP seems more like a technique for biological cells. Can anyone confirm this or tell me about papers where they perfom FRAP in solution with low viscosity?

    thanks for your help

    Best regards,

    edit: also I did some measurements, but it seems like quite the impossible task to do the evaluation of the data, because I need a whole cell ROI and background ROI which isn't possible in a liquid because I have no discrete borders like I would have in a cell.
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    thanks for your answer.

    Basically I can detect a typical FRAP "spectrum" but I don't know if I can evaulate correctly because of the problems mentioned above (no full 'cell' ROI) and also no background is available to measure.
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    thank you very much, I will take a look
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