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I received the private message from san123 (below). It's obviously fraudulent. Can anyone get rid of this user?


san123 said:
From Sandra Lancer
Av 774 lot 9960 Trichviille
W. A.

Please look in to my proposal, and I deemed it necessary to write and inform you about my interest to invest in any viable venture in joint partnership with you. I am Miss (Sandra Lancer) the daughter of H.R.H CHIEF of DURUKA (ALHAJI .J.Lancer) of (blessed memory) the ex- king of DANFO tribe in the easthern part of SUDAN. I am 20 years old.
On the 19th May, 2004 my Father was murdered by some rebel group on the accusation that he is a great sponsor and in support to restore the democratically elected President of my country Sudan. Almost half of our palace was burnt. Fortunately I was not in the place when they raided the palace my Father married 4 wives with 16 children two of the wives, with my 3
brothers where murdered in cold blood while I escape the incident with, at the moment where the remaining families are I don't know their way about wheather they are alive or not. Right now I am left alone since the sudden assassination of my Father my family has been displaced and totally disorganized
left with nothing.

That was how my Father was killed,Before the incIdent,I remembered that my late Father gave me some documents to keep for him as the first daughter , usual she told me in confidence that he deposited (10.5million USD) in one of the prime bank in Abidijan Capital city of (Ivory-Cost) I have discovered the documents covering the deposit he made with the Bank and some other documents like his will and his business documents . As my town has been a serious war zone, I made arrangement with two peace keeping force to help me and move out of the country, however i moved out of Sudan successfully, to (IVORY-COST) now.

I have gone and confirm the deposit with the Bank in Abidijan Capital city of (Ivory-Cost) while all the documents are with me here. Now I wish to contact you as my foreing partner for investment in your country or enter into business venture as the country (Ivory-Cost) is no longer in peace since they conducted their Presidential election on the 22nd October 2000 the country has witness all sort of political unrest ranging from ethnic clash which resulted to killing of innocent citizens and strangers, people are living in fear as the country is no longer that peaceful nation as it was before due to this reason that I have decided to contact you.
I therefore want you to help me in the following ways

1)To provide a fresh bank account which can be capable to carry this amount (USD 10.5M)
2)You are going to be a co-manager of this fund for five years in your country
3)You are going to procure admission for me to study in one of the universities in your country.
5)Please send me your phone and fax numbers for more information.

I will give you every other detail that will prove the genuinity of my plights, I am hopeful that God will touch you to be of this assistant. My intention is not to disturb your Peace, but because
Iam sincerely in need, and desperately need a solution.
Waiting for your urgent reply.

Thanks and God bless.
Best regards.
Sandra Lancer
Q_Goest, if your report the PM then the moderators will have a look at it.


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Hi Mayday. I don't want to simply report this and have the member (who's not posted anything here) deleted. I want to discourage anyone, including san123, from wasting anyones time with fraudulent messages. If I keep it a secret, it doesn't deter anyone from doing this, they simply get a new name and send the same message, or a similar one to other people.

Phishing can't be detered simply by deleting one username.
Ah, ok then I see your point :smile:


Thanks Q_Goest, hopefully this will encourage others to report Private Message scam and spams.

Member has been banned.


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Thanks Evo. :smile:

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