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I FRBs what's the latest status?

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    Fast radio bursts are a relatively recent observational development that has puzzled astrophysicists thus far. This paper; https://arxiv.org/abs/1702.02161, FRB as Pulsar Lightning, offers a plausible explanation for the phenomenon. For some background on FRB, this paper, by the same author may be of interest; https://arxiv.org/abs/1604.01799, Fast Radio Bursts---A Brief Review: Some Questions, Fewer Answers.
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    Someone today was discussing FRBs (Local Astronomical Society) and I get the impression that they are a bit of a mystery.
    Only a very few have actually been detected and even fewer have been observed by more than one receiver.
    I have been looking for some actual numbers associated with them amongst the lighter weight news reports but I couldn't find much of substance. What sort of frequencies are involved? What is the waveform? There is talk of using the dispersion to give an idea of the total mass on their path to us.
    Then there is the supposed location and estimated total power involved. It seems to be assumed that the source is omnidirectional and a very long way away. (Only one FRB has been attributed to an identifiable very distant galaxy). Does it go without saying that the source must be from a very distant visible source? Why not from a nearer very dim source?
    Also, how do radio astronomers distinguish such a one-off disturbance from something man-made?
    Lots of questions. Any good answers?
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    Ho sophie:
    Perhaps you might want to compare thoughts with @Chronos.
    https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/fast-radio-bursts-a-possible-solution.903325/ [Broken]​

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    Weird coincidence in the final lines of our two posts. (Thanks for the link, btw)
    The Katz paper is interesting and very recent, too. Perhaps there will be more stuff shortly.
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