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Free 100MB Yahoo! Email

  1. Jun 15, 2004 #1
    Isn't it cool? :rofl: I was shocked when I logged in my Yahoo! email account and noticed that my email account was automatically upgraded.

    Now even for new users, they can get free 100MB account.

    Do you think it's a wise decision to let us enjoy 100MB for free?
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    100MB Yahoo Email

    Hah hah, now we got 100MB yahoo mailbox.
    Who wants to use hotmail/msn mail ? :cry:
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    Yes, it was a wise decision. They needed to compete with google who is providing 1 Gig of space for free.

    I heard that msn was blocking gmail invitations. Microsoft is up to their dirty tricks again.
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    thats only a fraction of what google is offering. How can they call that competing?
  6. Jun 24, 2004 #5
    Yes, Yahoo! is trying to take away reasons to switch to GMail by increasing to 100MB. To the unwary user, this may seem like more than enough (and to the less-contacted user, it probably is). But with GMail, which we're all waiting for, users will ultimately never have to delete email.

    Why doesn't Yahoo! compete by giving more space? Well, Google's storage is a bit more efficient, most efficient in the world I believe. As told by a friend, it would cost Google about $2 per year per user, which is easily made back through advertising. But is Yahoo's data storage at such a disparity with Google's? I dunno.
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