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Free .3gp converter

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    can anyone suggest a good site where i can get a .3gp converter for free? I a tried a couple a sites (google search), but those .3gp videos fail to play on my cellphone.
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    I've always used SUPER. The final download link on their website is INCREDIBLY hard to fine. You need to click through several pages before they give it to you. Once you get there though, its one of the best video converters I've found.
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    HEY folks any more sites...there was a virus with the superconverter and couldnt make ffmeg work...thanks!
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    Freeware is enough, you can get Free 3gp converter at free-star.org.
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    the freeware i'm using is http://www.easy-video-converter.com" [Broken] which can input and output all the video and audio formats, better than most paid programs.
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