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Homework Help: Free body diagram help

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    how would u draw the free body diagrams for the following problems:

    1. after a ball ball is hit: while it is in flight after leaving bat

    2. pulling a fish out of the water accelerating it upward while it is in ari not water

    3. as my car acelerates to the left, a pendant on a string hangin from the rear view mirrow moves right

    4. the instant a ball thrown upward hits the ceiling (when instantly is at rest)
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    Think about the forces that are acting on the objects you mentioned:

    a. Only gravity acts on the ball (and air drag but I don't think you should worry about that)
    b. Two forces, gravity and the force you exert
    c. You're turning left so the centripetal force acts on the car, as well as gravity, normal force, and perhaps friction.
    d. Gravity acts on the ball and normal force acts the same way
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    This is stuff you have to know very well. If you shortcut it, you'll be totally lost. Study, don't look for easy answers.
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