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Homework Help: Free body mechanics problem

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    the acceleration of the larger block of mass M on frictionless floor of the pully system as in (fig given bmp attachment) will be
    (i) 4mg/(M+17m) (ii) 4mg/(M+16m)

    which answer is correct and how?

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    Re: mechanics

    Welcome to PF. Note that you must show some work before we can help you in the homework forums: i.e. fill in parts 2 and 3 on the homework template!
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    Re: mechanics

    I tried to solve the problem using following two equations taking large and small block
    respectively as freebodies

    Ma = 4T ------(1)
    mg-T = 4ma -------(2)

    solving these two i get acceleration of the larger block a = 4mg/(M + 16m)

    the answer given in the text is the other one. please provide me the right answer.
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    Re: mechanics

    I agree with your answer.
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