Free/cheap SPICE?

  1. Anyone using a free/cheap SPICE that they like?
    I keep finding myself handicapped by not having access to one, but I would rather not have to trial-and-error a bunch of them in order to find a decent one.
    I used batch-style SPICE back in the day, so I can do that if necessary, and post-process the results. Probably easier now that spreadsheets and whatnot are common.
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    I thought we had several older threads about this, but only found this one with a search:

    Are you a student?
  4. Thanks, that's helpful.

    Student? :rofl: When I said "back in the day", I was thinking the 80's...
  5. LTSpice
  6. LTSpice is free and work very good.

    Here you can find all the additional models
    and here
    Unpack the archive "extra.rar", using the archive RAR
    Copy "extra1.rar" which is installed in the directories are LTspiceIV. Typically, this directory is "C: \ Program Files \ LTC"
    Unzip "extra1.rar" which is installed in the directories are LTspiceIV
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