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Robert Ash has posted a handful of books at:" [Broken]

Some of these are published, and have been re-published recently by Dover. What is unusual is that his books include complete solutions to most, if not all the problems!

I am familiar with "basic probability theory", with is really for a second course in probability theory for most of us; "real variables with basic metric space topology", which is for an intro real analysis course covering the standard topics but, again, with solutions to all the problems; and "complex variables" which is on the advanced side for an undergrad course. He also has a few books on graduate level algebra, which I haven't bothered to look at because I don't have the background to understand them anyway.

I actually like the three books listed above. They are not perfect, but for free they are great. And if you want a hardcopy you can get Dover editions cheap - cheaper than printing on your printer!


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Oh wow, thanks, these are fantastic!
His introductory algebra book is pretty good. It was a very nice companion to Lang's book on the subject.
Thanks for sharing this...
keep it up
It's an wonderful information to share with all the people who wants to read free ebooks from Robert Ash. His books are very good and it's pretty. This link will help people to know the books which are available and can be downloaded as per the person's wish. Free ebooks are the most useful tool for any book reading lovers as they can read as many books as they want and they can search for the book which wanted to read.
Thank Jason for your sharing this valuable information!!!

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