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Free ebooks from Robert Ash

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    Robert Ash has posted a handful of books at:

    http://www.math.uiuc.edu/~r-ash/" [Broken]

    Some of these are published, and have been re-published recently by Dover. What is unusual is that his books include complete solutions to most, if not all the problems!

    I am familiar with "basic probability theory", with is really for a second course in probability theory for most of us; "real variables with basic metric space topology", which is for an intro real analysis course covering the standard topics but, again, with solutions to all the problems; and "complex variables" which is on the advanced side for an undergrad course. He also has a few books on graduate level algebra, which I haven't bothered to look at because I don't have the background to understand them anyway.

    I actually like the three books listed above. They are not perfect, but for free they are great. And if you want a hardcopy you can get Dover editions cheap - cheaper than printing on your printer!


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    Oh wow, thanks, these are fantastic!
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    His introductory algebra book is pretty good. It was a very nice companion to Lang's book on the subject.
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    Thanks for sharing this...
    keep it up
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    Thank Jason for your sharing this valuable information!!!
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