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Free Electric Field simulator

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    I'm looking for some free electric field simulation software, ideally it should support Mac OS X, or at least be open source so I can compile it for Mac, but finding a linux or windows pc isn't difficult for me. It should be able to take an environment filled with charged objects and give the electric flux at different points, preferably as a colour map, but also giving the value at given points or as a graph. Magnetic fields and charged particle trajectories would be nice, but I don't need them.

    Does anyone know any software like this out there? I have found a couple modular physics simulation software out there, but they either cost a lot or the price has to be negotiated. I don't want to pay for this software, but I could make an exception if it is fairly cheap.

    Thanks :)

    Something like this, but supporting electric fields, is kind of what I'm looking for:- http://www.mare.ee/indrek/ephi/, or this but commercially/freely available:- http://www.integratedsoft.com/products/coulomb/default.aspx [Broken]
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