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Free energy at home

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    Magical is the right word.. they do not obey any known physical laws. They also do not exist. The inventors are either misguided or practical jokers [hoaxters]. I will revise that theory when the first working model is confirmed. Free energy is just the new age version of the old perpetual motion machine. It violates all the known laws of thermodynamics and energy conservancy.
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    Theoretically they could convert the energy of magnetic field, but, omg, 20 kW? Every day, 15 years? From small magnets? I want these magnets for 8500 euros, I'll sell them to CERN for millions of dollars and buy conventional energy for my home... For centuries...
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    Why were you even wasting your time reading websites such as those? Are you lacking in reading materials? If you are, I can suggest a lot more places for you to read.

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    Chi Meson

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    Invest in solar energy instead.
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