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Free fall can somone help me

  1. Sep 7, 2005 #1
    ok how would i go about solving this an what equations do i use

    [SFHS99 2.P.40.] A worker drops a wrench from the top of a tower 89.0 m tall. With what velocity does the wrench strike the ground? (Assume the positive direction is upward.)
    wrong check mark m/s

    i have to use this webassign thing to do my assingments and i have limited tries to get them right thats why im asking for help thanks alot that is just one of many but they are all like that
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    In your phyiscs class you have probably already learned the equations for motion with a constant acceleration. You are given the acceleration (9.8 m/s^s the acceleration due to gravity), the initial velocity (0 m/s), and the distance that the object will travel under the acceleration 89.0 meters.

    Do you know the equation [tex]v_f^2=v_o^2+2ax[/tex] where x is the distance traveled? You have probably seen equation already. If you dont know it, refer to your physics book to see how it was derived and then memorize the equation.

    Solving this problems is just a matter of plugging the numbers into the equation.
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    thanks i got it
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