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Homework Help: Free fall - simple

  1. Oct 4, 2012 #1
    I have this excerise to do:

    A boy is standing on the tower o height h. He shot with his slingshot a rock vertically up with velocity v0, gravitional acceleration equals g. After what time t the rock has fallen?

    Answer is t = (v0 + sqrt((v0)^2 + 2gh))/g
    but how to get to it? Computationally and logically - what is the way of thinking step by step? ;)

    I would be very grateful for quick answer!
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    Please review and understand the kinematic motion equations for constant acceleration. You can find them in the " intro physics formulary" thread at the top of the page, or do a web search. The derivation of these equations should be understood before memorizing and applying them.
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