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Homework Help: Free fall

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    Heres the question:

    an 32.8 Newton object is in free fall.what is the mangniutude of the object if it encounters air resistance of 16.6 Newtons?

    I think you subtract cause air resistance cuts down force:

    32.8 - 16.6 = 16.2 newtons

    So am i right or do i need to use another equation?
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    Please clarify what is meant by "what is the mangniutude of the object".

    The object weighs 32.8 N, and it encounters an opposing force (air resistance) of 16.6 N, then the resultant force is 16.2N, which would contribute to its accleration.

    A body reaches terminal velocity (speed) when the at some velocity, the force of air resistance = weight of an object.
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