Free Gold memberships and PF on twitter

  1. Evo

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    Check out the great new stuff Greg has in feedback!!!

    I will add 10 GOOBF cards (Get Out Of Banning Free) to Greg's free gold membership offer.

    I'm printing up flyers for The Evo child, Spawn and their friends to post. They might not enter for the free membership, but they will put up flyers. Or else. :devil: That should cover every University in this part of the US.

    Free Gold membership!

    Sign up for twitter and facebook!
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  3. lisab

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    Community colleges are included too, right?
  4. Evo

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  5. OmCheeto

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    I'm afraid, that as a lowly administrator at my university, it would be considered a conflict of interest, aka, unethical, for me to post flyers, and gain financially from such actions. And I must therefore decline the free gold membership.

    Though I will post flyers around the campus, and pay double for next years gold membership.

    Well.... Maybe not double. But I will protest, once again loudly, if I should receive the holiday discount.
  6. Do the flyers have to be printed in colour or can they be printed in black & white ?
  7. Greg Bernhardt

    Staff: Admin

    B&W is perfectly fine :)
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