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Free HTML web hosting?

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    hi.. i just taught myself HTML and wanted to show one of my friends. The problem is, the files are on my computer (how do i use FTP?!) and is there anyway i can find a free, multipage web hoster that you can add your own html code?
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    For FTP, just either download one of the many GUI programs that do this or use a command line based ones (windows has ftp, go to command prompt and type ftp and you will get the console).

    As for web hosting go to google and type something along the lines of 'free web hosting'.

    Google is your friend ;)
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    I don't really know any hosts offhand, but a quick Google search revealed many free ones. You probably get some free space with your ISP, all of the ISP's I've used over the years offer this feature.

    To use FTP:

    Download an FTP client. I use Filezilla, and it's free.
    Install it. Open it.
    Your web host will give you an address for your website. Enter it into the host field along with your username and password. The port will default to 21 which is fine.
    You will be presented with a File Explorer interface, your computer in one pane, and the webserver in another. You can select files on either pane and Upload/Download.

    That's it. If you can navigate your own computer's file system, you can use FTP :)
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