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Free music for your liking.

  1. Feb 6, 2006 #1
    i fond this site: www.pandora.com
    you select some artists\songs you like and it tries to identify your taste and play songs you'll like.

    i made a station, you can add it by clicking on share and insert the address westerndrag@hotmail.com

    my taste is much broader then what this site made it to be, but it fits my mood right now :biggrin:
    it includes pink floyd, REM, gothan project, animals, porcupine tree...

    you can check it out, or make your own stations and publish them here with a little description.
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    Yea, the site, it's cool. I usually use it when i am looking for new songs.
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    thanks for the link guys, pandora is pretty cool
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    I love it.
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