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Free/open source CAD software

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    Currently digging in FreeCAD and I like what I see. Still very much in the development phase with lots of functionality that needs to be implemented. I've heard of DraftSight, not sure how well that works.

    The reason for this is that commercial CAD software is *wicked* expensive. Hundreds of dollars for a "standard" edition makes me cringe... and run for free/open source alternatives :-) .

    What have your experiences been?
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    I have used AutoCAD LT for many years. After getting work to fork out much more money for a license of Solidworks, I thought it only fair to give DraftSight a go and save the extra license fee for AutoCAD Lite.

    The interface is not as polished, but it generally does all that AutoCAD LT used to do for me and it does deal with complicated (>20 layers) DWG files well enough. Those used to using paper space and model space will also feel at home (there are only a few of those in my experience).

    Given the price difference (it is free) I would recommend giving DarftSight a go. Especially if you have experience of AutoCAD and have to manage DWG files.
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    Ive used draftsight cad before. Very good indeed!!
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