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Free PC to Phone calls.

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    Is there any program that will allow me to make free PC to phone (land line) calls? I know that programs like skype allow for free PC to PC calls, but I think they charge for PC to Phone calls.

    --thank you.
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    Short answer NO...

    You will have to pay as soon as your voice paths hit the PSTN.. But Cisco will be unveiling somthing that John Chambers has said will rock the telco world on March 7.

    This is not to say that we will stop paying for voice calls, but in the not to distance future, teleco's (including mobile carriers) will have to reduce prices as VoIP shakes up the Teleco world mobile or fixed...
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    Cisco is releasing a product that will be able to identify the type of packets that it is routing so that phone companies can charge more for those packets that are carrying voip.
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    How do you know that? Interesting- Give us a source :)

    (To be honest, this isnt earth moving, VoIP uses standard RFC's such as SIP which are well documented)

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    It was on the latest TWiT, or last week on one of the Buzz Out Loud episodes... I cannot recall which... I think it was TWiT though.
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