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Free Physics ebooks

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    Found a resource of free science (physics) ebooks that are both free and not pirated and I think not listed on Physics Forums "Math & Science Learning Materials". Go to,


    Please move this to "Math & Science Learning Materials" or delete, I can't post there. Thanks.
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    I should have also given the home page for the free ebooks, freescience.info, which has a considerable number of math and other science related material,

    Biology[35], Chemistry[78], Computer Science[255], Economy & Finance[44] , Engineering[159], Mathematics[788], Medicine[132], Miscellanea[30], Physics[1385]. Go here,

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    cool, some pretty good books there. Thanks Spinnor. Although quite a lot of the links aren't working, but still, I downloaded a few interesting books and lecture notes :)
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    I found a typo. "Electricity and Megnetism".. Some1 email them to fix it.
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    You ARE someone. Feel free to contact them at,


    While you are at it get them to fix,

    Quatum Field Theory[123]


    Its the generosity of the people who freely make their work available to the above website that makes Earth such a great planet to live on (and Physics Forum also).
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    Could you please give me the link of Student Solutions Manual/Study Guide of Serway Reference?
    I couldn't find it for free
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    Click on the bottom link, look under the headings good and very good. Current prices 3.99 and 4.34.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks! Anyway,it's not existed in free.
    So I'll try to take my brother's card..
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