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Free publications sites

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    I was curious if there are any other sites similar to arXiv.org that store and allow free access for articles in physics.

    - Alex
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    Even I tried to search for free publications but no luck except for arxiv. I would love to know other free publication websites but I rather doubt there other free publication websites of physics besides arxiv
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    Please note that ALL new papers appearing in ALL IoP journals are available for FREE during the first 30 days that they appear online. Also note that New Journal of Physics, which is one of IoP's publication, is always available for free.

    One should also start looking at the Physical Review journals, especially PRL. They have recently started a program in which the authors can pay an extra fee to make their papers have unlimited open access. Not many so far have taken up on it (I certainly didn't with my last paper), but I'm starting to hear that they are becoming more frequent.

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    Thank you All!

    Just went and found straight article on subject for which I had to gather info by pieces from wiki and arXiv.org. Whoa.
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