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Free QBasic Download?

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    I've been using QBasic (Quick Basic) in school and wanted to go over it on the weekends, but I can't find a download anywhere that works (I downloaded one version but the screen was too small, and it didn't seem to be able to retrieve information from the floppy disk, if anyone knows any other reason why this might be that would be very helpful). Does anyone know of any free downloads available? Thank you.
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    You say the screen is "too small". Is that because it is opening in a console window? If so, try (I think) ALT-ENTER to get into full screen mode.

    If you have trouble retrieving files from disk, it might be because the filenames or paths might not conform to the 8.3 filename format. Does your program have the .bas extension? Of course, it's also possible that your floppy diskette or drive is bad. If so, get a flash drive.

    If I recall correctly, there are two versions of QuickBASIC:
    qbasic, which was rather limited, and
    QuickBASIC 4.5 ("qb45"), which was much more powerful. Try googling "qb45"?
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    Thanks! You're right, ALT-ENTER did fix the window problem. The program does have the .bas extension, but the floppy drive that I'm using is kind of old, so it's possible that that's the problem. Thank you very much. :smile:
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    I bought a new floppy drive and it turned out that the old one must have been the problem because everything works great now. Thank you. :biggrin:
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    pardon me, but whats the name of your qbasic version?
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    It's QuickBASIC 4.5.
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