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Free Sample Chips

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    Free Sample Chips!!

    All of the contents contained in this post is by mixos of Electronics lab, none of the contents is mine, nor have I edited it.

    I found this on another forum. Its about free sample chips you can order from companies such as Texas Instruments (TI) so you can make projects or just mess around with.>>>

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    Of all of those companies listed, TI is probably the best and most reliable. You can usually get your samples within 2 business days!!
    I have only tried a few of the listed companies.

    Remember on some sites, you have to "hunt" around for the samples section.
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    Hey, anyone know what kind of amplifier and comparator I should get in order to build a motion sensor. Also on the schematic, what is PIR?


    The schematic

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    Hi Ranger, PIR = Passive Infrared. That kind of motion sensor just uses the ambient IR energy in the environment, and looks for changes in the IR imagery. The more complex ones would use an IR camera, and watch for movement in the 2-D IR image. The simpler ones like those used in security systems use a segmented IR lens to focus multiple images onto a single IR sensor. As the IR image changes from motion, the multiple images that are focused on the IR sensor move, and this usually results in a change in the amplitude of the output of the IR sensor. The detector circuitry looks for changes in output voltage greater than some allowed amount per unit time. If you move around slowly enough, you can walk past most PIR sensors. But from my experiments, you have to move reeeeeaallllly slowly!

    We had a thread about motion sensors a while back here:


    Did the links in that thread help out?
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    Okay thanks for the input. I've decided to go with an Active IR motion Dector.

    http://www.ee.washington.edu/conselec/Sp96/projects/mitchrob/proposal/figure3a.gif [Broken] has a detector and a receiver circuit. As I understand, the beam that is transmitted by an infrared diode is received by an infrared transistor which sets off the alarm. So these are two different circuits that need to be made separately. Isnt there a way of combining the transmitter and receiver into one circuit? If not, do they have to be placed close to each other or something?
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