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Graph Patch, makers of the self-adhesive graph labels for Math and Science is offering free samples of our product. Graph Patch is an innovative product utilizing self-adhesive graph labels for use in and out of the classroom. What can Graph Patch do for you? Rather than taking the time to draw out each individual graph for quizzes, tests, or homework, sometimes resulting in sloppy and inaccurate work, Graph Patch can be applied instantly anywhere a graph is called for. The product is especially beneficial for Math and Science students and Teachers. For your free sample, please visit and select the style you would like to receive. Then simply email with your name, address, and selection. In addition, feel free to tell us about yourself, your class and your experience teaching. We hope you will find our product useful. Upon receiving your email, we’ll have your free sample mailed out right away.


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well isn't that spiffy. If you come up with something to do all the calculations, let me know, we might have a deal.

j/k of course. pretty cool idea.

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