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Free Time as a Graduate Student?

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    I know Graduate School is hard and full of activities (Coursework, TA, RA,...), but I was asking to myself if there is a way to have some time to get a hobby to cope with the stress of studies. I was thinking about things like Sports, Music, or Home Improvement. Is there a way to get organized so anyone can get things done and have available time for fun and leisure?
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    At university, I used to go out with colleagues for burgers and beer. We had a group that got together, particularly on Friday afternoon for beer tasting in conjunction with dinner. Others would go and indulge in margaritas and Mexican food.

    Sometimes we'd go get pizza or Italian food.

    Our faculty would often host dinners for various grad students, and some would have pool parties.

    On weekends, some of use would play football (American or soccer) or baseball.

    I'd often go watch trains which rolled through the town as well as others north or west of us.

    One should be able to join a student group affiliated with a national scientific or technical society. I happened to belong to several as a grad student, and that was another way to interact with other students as well as faculty.

    Off campus, and on some campuses, there are religious or church groups one could join, particularly on the weekend - usually for lunch - and sometimes dinner.
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    It's great to know. Some sports require a schedule because, after all, you're not a professional athlete but a Graduate student. Weekend events are great because you can share ideas and worries with student partners. Thank you so much for your answer.
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    When I was a grad student, I got into bicycle touring because I usually rode my bike between my apartment and the lab. I joined the local bicycle touring club and went on their group rides most Saturday and Sunday mornings when the weather was good. Or if their ride didn't look suitable for me, I rode by myself. On Saturday I would usually ride 25-40 miles in the morning, then go to the lab for the afternoon, and hang out with some fellow grad students in the evening (eat dinner, play video games, go to a movie, etc.).
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    Sounds like you had a nice time among all those academic activities. Thank you!
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