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Free web site hosting?

  1. Jun 27, 2014 #1
    I am looking for a web site host that is

    • free
    • will allow me to enter text and graphics
    • allows me to add and name web pages
    • allows me to create links between these pages

    I of course would abide with all of the rules of the host.

    Does anyone know of such a thing? All of the free hosts that I looked at had web site builders that did not allow the creation of new pages or the renaming of pages. I would love to avoid web site builders entirely, but it seems that is not an option.
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    Have you tried Google Sites? I played around with it for a while, a couple of months ago. I think I remember doing all of the things you mention above.

    As with other "site-builder" type hosts, you cannot write your own complete HTML page and upload it. You're limited to a set of predefined page formats. Nor can you easily transfer pages that you've created there to another web-hosting service; you have to copy the content and paste it into another site-builder, or into your own HTML code.

    However, inside the predefined text boxes you do have the ability to use HTML and embedded CSS code for formatting.

    I didn't go very far with Google Sites because I already have a medium-size web site (100 or so pages) written in hand-coded HTML, hosted for free on my school's server. It would be too much work to reconstruct it in Google Sites. Instead, when it comes time to move my site, I'll use a traditional web-hosting service (haven't decided which one yet) and pay their fee, which looks like it will probably be $50 - $100 per year.
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    Last time I looked, which was admittedly a couple of years ago, free sites were available all over the place if you are willing to use a shared domanin name and allow ads (not your own) on the site.

    You can do anything with such sites that you can do with any site, including all the stuff you mentioned.

    EDIT: OK, I just did a quick Google search for "free web hosting" and got 128,000,000 hits so I'm figuring you won't have any trouble finding one.
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    The host I use costs $5 a month (plus whatever you want for a domain name), and that allows you about a gig of space, 10 gb of bandwidth, MySQL database, can use php or HTML, and you can host whatever you want (within the legal confinements), and their uptime is 99% of the year (I think out of all my sites, which is about 8, have only gone offline for a few minutes once in the last 10 years - at least that I'm aware of).

    The hosting company I use is Apis Networks (apisnetworks.com). If you can swing $5 to $10 a month, it would be better than using a site builder host.

    If you want to try it out, I can make you a sub domain off my site and give you a small amount of space (maybe 50 mb?) if you want to just mess around with HTML and php. Send me a pm if you want me to set that up for you :)
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    I recommend you 000.webhost.com
    It is free, no ADS. and the domain name does not look weird. I used it some time ago, it's great. Their customer support is also very good.
    They do have a limitation of bandwidth and space though ;)
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    Sounds good! I don't need much space. A couple of megs might be enough.
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    I would recommend heroku or github hosting. The url for github would be something like username.github.io, but its stellar. I don't think there is much of a limit on space or bandwidth on either of them to be honest.

    All the cool kids use heroku.
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