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Free websites makers

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    Where Can I make a really good website for free.
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    There are a bunch of good free hosts to choose from. Here is a list of them with feature comparison:


    Currently I'm using CoolFreePages.com (aka IonicHost) free hosting. 50 MB space plus FTP access plus PHP 4.0 support plus MySQL upon request. All for free but there is pop-under ads.

    If your site goes bigger than 50 MB (or any other limits) you can simply divide it over multiple free accounts.

    DeluxNetwork has a free hosting plan, too:


    With these features (they say so):

    * No Advertisements on your site.
    * PHP, SSI, XML, DCP, 2xFTP, Htaccess
    * 2GIG Transfer per Month.
    * 100Mb Linux DiskSpace.
    * SCSI Systems, 155Mbs Network.
    * http://host.deluxnetwork.com/~username/

    Notice: DeluxNetwork is NOT a clean website. Don't play around it if you don't like dirty stuff. The links given here are clean.
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