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Homework Help: Free Willy 2nd thread but just foudn the school forum :P sry.

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    Well, I'm pretty sure this is impossible. But anyone have this proven. I need to try n prove this for my class. Any help is apperaciated. By the way, killer whales top speed is 13.5 m/s, he jumps out of the water at abotu a 45 degree andgle and the pier he jumps is 15 feet high and 10 feet long.
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    I'm assuming you mean you need to prove that it is possible for the whale to jump this pier? If so, it is a simple projectiles problem. You need to ignore air friction and find the vertical component of Free Willy's velocity using the angle at which he enters the air. After that you can find the maximum height he can reach. Note: you do not need to find the horizontal component of his velocity since it is constant when there is no air friction, meaning his max horizontal distance is only limitted by the time taken for his vertical motion (which is something you will also have to consider in proving this).
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