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Free WYSIWYG latex editor

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    Doing a "project" for a class that is requiring me to do cofactor, gauss-Jordan elimination, Cramer’s by steps in a word possessed format. Having trouble getting readable matrices into the word doc.

    Is there a latex editor out there that lets you export to jpg/bmp? That is also totally freeware? Also, I’m not so great at latex yet, so a WYSIWYG type editor would be nice.
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    There's http://www.toolscenter.org/" [Broken], though it's not truly a WYSIWYG, but it makes writing Latex a little easier.

    I'm actually developing a Latex Editor (web-based). I already bought www.latexlab.org[/URL] (not yet available) and all. It's free and exports as an image. I have a usable demo right now, if you're interested in testing that.
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    Have a look at Lyx.
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