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Homework Help: Freebody diagram

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    This isn't a problem, its just an assignment i've been given. I need to draw the FBD of an object/person at rest that has 10 or 11 forces on it.

    I was thinking of using this: http://www.canada-shops.com/Stores/michaelrodents/Images/Category/190372.jpg
    but i can only think of 5 forces so far (Fnormal, Fgravity, Fteacup, Fbook, Fumbrella+fishbowl). Is there anymore you can find? And if there isnt 10 forces on it, could you suggest something that probably will? (I was previously thinking about a snowboard, but it needs to be at rest).
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    Hi checkmarks!
    :smile: erm … that cat isn't at rest, either! :smile:

    How about the basket of a balloon?
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    isn't it? if the cat isn't moving on the ball and the ball is still?

    hmm.....i can only think of a few...please expand?
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    Well, for a start, you could put dozens of ropes on the basket, joining it to the balloon itself.

    And you could have various different objects on the floor of the basket.

    And other objects suspended under the basket.

    And one or more ropes tethering it to the ground.

    And the wind … :smile:
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    thank you so much!
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