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Homework Help: Freefall problem with object shot up off a building.

  1. Sep 15, 2004 #1
    A rock is shot vertically up froma building and starts falling back to Earth after 1.60 seconds. After 6.00 seconds, it hits the ground. Constant acelleration of 9.81 m / s^2.

    a. What is initial velocity?

    b. What is max height above building?

    c. How tall is the building?

    I got the following answer, I am unsure of them though:

    a => 15.7 m / s
    b => 12.6 m
    c => 164 m

    Could anyone tell me if my figures are correct?
    Thank you.
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    a & b look good. c not so. Please show me your work.
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