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Freewheeling diodes and motor performance

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    I want to know if my understanding is correct.

    Freewheeling diodes:
    * Raise the power factor of the circuit
    * Reduces the rate at which current decreases when voltage is shut off
    * Reduces the flyback voltage
    * Increases the time in which a flyback voltage exists for a given magnetic flux during operation
    * Does not change the volt-seconds of the flyback effect for a given magnetic flux during operation
    * Increases the amp-turns for a given voltage
    * Reduces the voltage necessary for a given field strength
    * Lowers the percentage drop of rpm under load
    * Increases a motor's mechanical impedance

    What am I not sure of:
    Does the electric field of the flyback voltage have a 1:1 relationship with the flyback current, or does the flyback voltage simply lead the flyback current? Is the flyback voltage technically referring to current and NOT the electric field of the flyback? Is the flyback voltage (not current) really the same as before without the freewheeling diode? Does the L/R time constant apply to the fly-back voltage?
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