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Freeze people

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    is it true they can freeze ppl up and thaw em back out.....

    i heard a story about this, and about a girl with cancer, she said freeze her and when they found a cure wake her up or something, im not sure if this is a rumor or not, but just checking...
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    I don’t think they can actually ‘freeze’ people in the sense that all their bodily functions would stop and then be restarted at some future point. Though there have been many people who wished that upon their death they be frozen in the hopes that in the future they may be brought back to life. The problem with this is that freezing and then thawing a body damages bodily tissue, not to mention that we haven’t found a way to raise people back from the dead.
    Anyway, most people who have this done are already dead. Actually I’ve never heard of a case where a living person has decided to be frozen while they’re still alive.
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    does anyone remember vanilla skies with Tom Cruise

    to my knowledge its still impossible, but lots of people wish it was
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    I saw a thing on TV about a kind of worm that lives on glaciers in the North. They showed film of it just squirming forward on the icey surface of the glacier, looking as moist and flexible and happy as could be. It turns out it is not a water based creature, but one that has evolved to bathe all its cells in anti-freeze (glycine? glycol? glycerine?). They said, in fact, it was more in danger of dying when the temerature got too hot than too cold. It ate algae.
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    i saw this creature, it's microspcopic, that can live in extreme cold, ice and worse, extreme hot, magma, and even space, it changes itself so it survives in the type of enviroment its in
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    I'm not sure this is possible, I've known a few people so cold nothing could thaw them out... :redface:
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    "Freeze People" = "Reefer Man"

    The more advance life forms (e. g., frogs) that can sustain complete freezing freeze from the inside out due to a specialized circulatory system containing a modicum of ethylene glycol.
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    Well, we can freeze bacteria down to -80 degrees C to store them. Same with human embryos used for in vitro fertilization. Then thaw them when ready to use.

    But there are issues with larger, multicellular organisms, that would make this quite challenging, including the time it would take to freeze all the tissue uniformly (you'd get the skin frozen long before your intestines or muscle), and in penetrating all the tissue and organs with a proper cryoprotectant material (antifreeze of some sort). Even when freezing things like sperm for artificial insemination, the components of the cryoprotectant need to be specially formulated for each individual species.
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    The Cryonics institute in Detroit offers its services
    for a one time only payment of 28000 dollars it freezes all your body after death. I really doubt that you can resuscitate a person after death.

    I saw the spanish version of "Vanilla Sky". It was called "Abre tus ojos", and was also interpreted by Penelope Cruz
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    this creature, i saw on the discovery channel, it was number 1 in the top ten ultimate survivors, not this is a whil ago, this creature is practicaly invisible to the naked ey, it had like six legs, can withstand under -80celcius, its totaly crazy
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