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French books

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    french books!!

    Anyone knows good french books regarding nuclear engineering?
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    http://canteach.candu.org/new.html [Broken]

    the link above is has some new items added in French on Candu science and rx fundamentals.

    http://canteach.candu.org/cnsc.html#cnsc3B_fr [Broken]
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    Merci nrqed.Je vais acheter ce livre si c'est possible.
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    There is a very good series of books which serves as a basis of the courses for the French CEA nuclear engineers at the INSTN (Institut National des Sciences et Techniques du Nucleaire): http://www-instn.cea.fr/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=115

    You can order the books on amazon if you want. They are a great read, and cover the nuclear domain quite extensively.

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    Cool! :cool: Thanks for that link!

    or Merci beaucoup pour ce lien! I don't know if the term 'lien' is correct, but I tried.
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    Thanks Vanesch.
    I will see if it is possible to buy books from amazon.fr.I live in Serbia they do not deliver second-hand copies here unfortunatelly.
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