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French TV's Game of Death

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    Ivan Seeking

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    The Milgram Experiment
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    Well the cat is out of the bag now. Who wants to pretend shock a person?
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    It gives people a chance to be on TV, and gain some publicity.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    You are missing the point.
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    What is the point? People do cruel stuff for 15 minutes of fame, or that the TV show wont be successful now because that element of "holy Mary and Joseph I am shocking someone" is gone.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The point is that with a little persuasion, people can easily be motivated to torture others; even to point of hitting the victim with a potentially lethal shock - all for a game in this case.

    If you read the wiki link that I provided, you will see that this plays on a famous experiment from the 1960's.
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    Milgram's essay "The perils of obedience" is a fascinating read. It demonstrates how easily ordinary people conform to authority. Even if people strongly disagree with the decision, people can be ordered to do evil things once they sense the blame can absorbed by the figure of authority.

    In the second video clip above, the audience hollers to crank up more voltage to inflict more pain. That's sick.

    It's sort of like the gang rape case in California, where more than 20 people gathered around to watch.
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    There are some videos either on youtube or another website that has the same type of thing. People would be in a room opposite another person, and would be talked into delivering them shocks. They could hear the person in the other room screaming, but they were stilled coerced into hitting the button. If I remember correctly only a few people opted out before getting to the highest possible shock.
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    The point of this show is not only to reproduce Milgram's experiment. This is the trivial part of the show, and was already known. But after the show, the same evening and the next day as well, a discussion takes place on modern evolution of television, such as the success of "reality shows". The creator of the show claims to be inspired from "the weakest link". The channel website also gathers reaction from various levels of expertise in this topic.

    So basically, they do make quite some audience by reproducing the experiment, but that is not the most important point. This is just a clever mean to attain their goal. The most important part is that this experiment denounces the abusive powers of television for audience.
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    From Milgrim's conclusion (cited by wiki):

    "...relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority."

    Milgrim's experiment was conceived to find an answer to the question of why so many German's obeyed the Nazis:

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    I'd like to take a few moments to reflect on the relation between this show and nazi camps, through the notion of "crime against humanity". Often camp survivors would relate horrible facts, but then would realize that the true horror was impossible to tell. The true horror of extermination camps would rather occur when inmates lost hope to the point that they gave up their humanity, and such situations could never be told, only experienced first hand or witnessed.

    I am not saying reality television is a crime against humanity. I am saying that we often take very lightly the borderline game they play with human dignity. I think restricting one's perspective on Milgram's experiment here is really missing the essential point.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    A high school student once expressed the idea that shows like Jerry Springer's are the modern equivalent of an afternoon at the Colosium watching the lions have lunch.
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    Another experiment, The Stanford Prison Experiment, actually inflicted moderate physical discomfort and extreme emotional discomfort. Needless to say the experiment ended early.

    The prisoner group at times actually had bags over their heads. That sounds all too familiar.

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=677084988379129606# [Broken]
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    I can get behind treating volunteers as prisoners, even Gitmo style, for ****s and giggles. Maybe people will start to realize that the manner in which these people are treated is a rather serious concern.
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    Most people assume that only the "sadistic fringe of society" is capable doing evil things like the Nazis concentration camps . In fact this was Milgram's hypothesis. But results of the experiment indicate that's not the case. Ordinary people, and almost everyone under the right circumstances can be turned into Nazis.

    It follows that the Holocaust, genocide, and extermination of people is just a natural consequence of human psychology. History is written in blood, and mass murder from the earliest records. And by inductive reasoning genocides will reoccur in the future because human psychology doesn't change that fast.
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    In the Nuremberg documentary, we can contemplate German citizens brought to the camps at liberation to witness the horror organized by their government. They come in with a smile on their face. They leave in tears.

    The hope of this show is to cause a shock raising the question of whether television has already gone too far. A documentary by the same creators as the show, analyzing 50 years of evolution of television, will be aired tonight, the day following this show.

    There is always a minority of people refusing to obey blindly, and by constant actions they should eventually be able to lift other people's consciousness.
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