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I Frenette heater

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    I Was wondering how a frenette heater works?
    By frenette I mean the one that works thanks to friction.
    What would be the maximum heat produced assuming that we take The most ideal situation.
    Thanks a lot.
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    A heater that works by friction is a way to describe any device that generates kinetic friction. All kinetic friction energy becomes heat, so such a device, driven by electricity, would be exactly 100% efficient, like any other electric heater. Common examples of "friction heaters" include fans, circulation pumps, mechanical only stationary bikes and kitchen blenders.

    However, I googled "Frenette heater" and I got silly claims of a perpetual motion machine, with a description that is simply a heater that works by friction as I described above. Nothing to see here and we don't discuss perpetual motion machine claims here. Thread locked.
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