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Frenkel Kontorova model

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    Question? Why this model is discreet? As far as I see particles can have any position?

    Why then is written in the text then In the continuum-limit approximation we come to the sine-Gordon (SG) equation?
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    It's discrete in the sense that it's a model of many point particles. You can take a continuum limit. E.g., as the most simple case you can model a string first as a chain of harmonically coupled point particles. The continuum limit leads to the wave equation for the string.
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    Thanks a lot for the answer.

    And for example in this paper

    http://fmc.unizar.es/people/juanjo/papers/falo93.pdf [Broken]

    steps appear because model is discrete. In continuum limit it would be impossible to see steps in the ##v(F)## (FIG 1). Is it possible to explain why in continuum limit is impossible to see steps?
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