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Freopen() in UNIX

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    So I'm using freopen to redirect output from stdout to a file... How do I redirect it back to the screen?

    relevant code:

    FILE *stream = freopen("data.txt", "w", stdout);

    /* print stuff */

    How the heck do I get the output stream to point to the console again?
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    On Unix, you can access "the screen" (and every other device) via a filename. /dev/tty is a good bet for what stdout was attached to.

    freopen("/dev/tty",...) should work.

    But this isn't a very polite thing to do, because stdout might have been redirected by the user.

    Another idea would be something like this:

    FILE *myfile;
    FILE *datafile = fopen("data.txt"...);

    Then do

    myfile = stdout;
    myfile = datafile;

    (filp back and forth as often as you like)

    and do all your I/O to myfile.
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