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Homework Help: Frequency and wavelength!

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    A resonant circuit in a radio receiver is tuned to a certian station when the inductor has a value of 0.151mH and the capacitor has a value of 21.2pF. Calculate the frequency of the radio station.

    Frequency is 2.81 MHz ( I got this one right)

    B) what is the wavelength of the radiowaves emited by the radio station?
    I was told to do this just take 1/f,but this gave me a wrong answer. Is there another way of going about it?
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    1\f is the period,

    for wavelength you want to use the equation for all waves

    [tex] v = f \lambda [/tex]

    where v is the speed of propogation of the wave
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    For this problem, [tex] v = c [/tex]. All electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light, so:

    [tex] f = c/\lambda [/tex]
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    Well there goes the chance of the OP doing any of the work for himself.
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    A lot of people dont know that, its not a question of doing work, its just a fact he needs.
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