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Homework Help: Frequency equation

  1. Apr 25, 2006 #1
    Hey guys! i was wondering if anyone could help me find an equation to find frequency besides using the formula (velocity= frequency*wavelength).
    My teacher said that we needed to find an equation that incorporated the use of the tube's diameter. I've been searching online but I can't find one that uses the diameter. Can anybody help me out?
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    Go for "end correction" for standing waves in open or closed tubes.
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    For resonance tube experiment:

    frequency of tuning fork [n] = velocity of wave / 2*L for tube opened at both ends

    frequency [n] = velocity of wave / 4*L for tube opened at one ends.

    where L [corrected length] = Resonating lenght + e [end correction]

    where e=0.3 * inner diameter of tube for tube opened at one end

    and e=0.6* inner diameter for tube opened at both the ends.
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    Thanks for the help!:smile:
    However, I forgot to say that for the open tube, there are two different diameters.Each open side has a different diameter. How would I include that in?
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