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Frequency in humans

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    when I comes to human frequency..then whch frequency so people really mean..i couldn't be clear about it..i heard people associating numbers 500hz as the frequency at which we talk,20-20000 hz as the freuncy of humans...thus I`m unable to become clear in what I`m asking..so please help me with this..
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    I agree with your statement that you are not clear in what you are asking. How do you expect us to answer a question that you don't know how to ask?

    Please try to figure out what it is that you want to know.
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    When humans speak most of the energy produced is in the 300-500Hz frequency range but it extends up to about 3-4 Khz.


    Humans can hear a much wider range of frequencies..


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    The OP's question seems to me correctly answered by CWatters in post #3.
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