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Frequency in nyquists?

  1. Mar 27, 2012 #1
    Can anyone tell me the definition of a "Nyquist" with respect to units of frequency? I didn't find it defined on the web. I presume it is some measure of cycles/sample or similar

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    It isn't. But I can see that a creative author might decide he can use it as a measure of the ratio of two frequencies.

    Do you have a reference to where you found it? Some topic dealing with sampling an analog signal, I presume.
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    This was in a draft of a textbook. I tend to agree with your premise that this is a "home spun" term.

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    In digital signal processing it is quite common to measure frequency relative to the Nyquist frequency (which depends on the sample rate of course). That is no different from other dimensionless quantities used in physics (e.g. Reynolds number).

    But I've never seen the term "a Nyquist" used.
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