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Homework Help: Frequency of a Spark Timer, 0.10s

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    Hey, I just signed up and I've already got a question. =)
    The answer was in the book but I don't get the answer.

    Determie the frequency of a spark timer set at a period of 0.10s.
    Ans: 1.0 x 10¹ Hz.

    The book only says;
    The answer is literally staring me right in the face and the explanation might be really easy but for it's just not making sense to me. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot!
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    Frequency(in hertz) = 1 / period (in seconds). I can't really explain it any other way without writing several paragraphs but that's mostly to my rambling nature. 1 Hertz = s^(-1) or (cycles/second) depending on how you look at it.
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    Since there are 6 sparks in 60 seconds, there is is one spark every 10 seconds. How many sparks per second? Or, even easier, how many sparks per minute?

    Now what does "frequency" MEAN??
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    Ah. I think I get it now. Thanks a lot!
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