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Frequency of a wave and capacitance

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    I have read that as a capacitor discharges, it emits electromegnetic waves. Plz tell me does the frequency of these waves increase as the capacitance of the capacitor increases.

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    I think that what you stated pretty much is an example of a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. There are MANY things that can happen when a capacitor discharges. It just depends on HOW it discharges. On its own, a capacitor discharging slowly through its own leakage will not emit any noticeable EM waves. Take a capacitor and charge it, then quickly discharge it by shorting it leads, then yes, it will emit EM waves because of the arcing. It can easily be proven by doing this next to an AM radio. You will hear it in the speaker.
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    One thing average didn't answer was the capacity question. The larger the capacitor ( in terms of Farads ) is the more energy it stores.This tho has no baring on the question of Fq
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