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Homework Help: Frequency of Violin

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    A violin string vibrates at 294 Hz when unfingered. At what frequency will it vibrate if it is fingered one third of the way down from the end?

    How do I determine this w/o length of how far 1/3 of violin string is?

    Help anyone!
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    Hint -- you have the information needed to find the length of the string.
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    I thought you needed more information to find the length. But in any case...

    Why do you think you need to know? Have you considered just calling the length L, and seeing if you can do the problem?
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    are you familiar with the relation between wavelength and frequency?

    also: what is the speed of sound in air?
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    Does it matter what the actual length is? Surely as Hurkyl points out, length can be simply L. It's merely the freq and the change in length that's important.
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    f1= 294 Hz (fundamental frequency)
    f2= 2f1=(2)( 294 Hz)= 588 Hz
    f3= 3f1=(3)( 294 Hz)= 882 Hz
    f4= 4f1=(3)( 294 Hz)= 1176 Hz

    The 294 Hz would be the fundamental frequency and 1/3 the way down would be 1176. Would this be the correct way to solve?
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