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Frequency of wire vibration

  1. Jun 2, 2009 #1
    1.A 2-meter long wire vibrates with a frequency of 330 Hz when the tension is 500 N. What is the new frequency if the tension on the wire is doubled?

    i have no idea how to solve this,, help..
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    i used the formula f=(n/2L)sqrt(T/mass density)
    where n is the number of wave segments formed...

    but how would i get the mass density?
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    but how would i get the mass density?
    Does it matter? It's the same wire, so surely all you need is the ratio of the root of the two T's in each case? The rest of the variables, except for frequency, are constant.

    f_1/f_2 = sqrt{(T_1)/T_2)}
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    If the length and mass density remains the same, the frequency is proportional to square root of the tension.
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