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Frequency problem

  1. Feb 1, 2006 #1
    frequency problem!!

    this is the ex:
    What is the frequency in Hertz (cycles per second) of a signal that repeats 40,000 times within one minute? What is the period of the signal? (10 points)

    i think the baud rate is 666.66
    the same i the bit rate 666.66 in (ASK) Amplitude shift Keying.

    I know that in (ASK) frequency and phase remain constant while only the amplitude change.

    But i don't Know how to calculate the frequency and the phase.

    can anybody help me?
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    You posted this in the Introductory Physics homework help subforum as well. DO NOT double post! Hopefully a mod will delete this version of the thread.
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    Please do not double post.
  5. Feb 1, 2006 #4

    i don't know where i must post it.
    i am first time user of this forum.

    sorry about that.
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    That's ok. Just use common sense next time. Is this *advanced physics*? Hardly! But the point is that even if you choose the wrong forum, it's not a big deal, a mod will certainly move it to the correct one without any trouble. What is important is that you choose only ONE.
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